Double C Bar Ranch

                            Family Photos

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Jimmy & Leslie

Denton, Tanner & Michelle

Gibbs & Tiffany

Clifton & Ashleigh

Clifton & Ashleigh

Jimmy, Gibbs, Denton, Leslie & Clifton

Gibbs, Denton & Clifton

Double C Bar Ranch Ladies at Florida Cattleman's Convention

Grammy with Blake & Tanner

Denton & Tanner

Clifton & Ashleigh

Granddaddy & Tanner

RyAnne & Brandon

Our family

Leslie & Blake

Gibbs & Tiffany

Clifton & Ashleigh

Denton & Michelle

Michelle, Tiffany, RyAnne & Blake, Ashleigh


Tanner & Blake

Tanner playing in dirt pile

Michelle & Tanner

Blake, Brandon, Ryanne & Tyson

Blake with his saddle wagon

Blake in hayfield

Brandon and Blake


Tanner on 4-wheeler

Blake on sawdust pile

Tyson and Blake in their Jeep


Paisley and Rowdy

Paisley our only little girl so far

Granddaddy, Tanner, Blake


Ashleigh and Rowdy





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Double C Bar Ranch is a family owned and operated Brahman Cattle ranch

located in Kenansville, Florida.  Double C Bar Ranch is home to some of the finest pure-bred Brahman Cattle.

Double C Bar Ranch-- "Our Cattle Speak for Themselves"